2022: I&I Was No Match For Product Demos

2022 Recap. Demo Photos

We’re coming to a close on 2022, and getting ready to celebrate 2023. As we wrap up the year, we’d like to share a few updates on the activity that took place in 2022.

Straight To The Numbers

Although supply chain issues and inflation plagued a number of industries and organizations, we continued to support cities and local municipalities, telecommunications organizations and power companies by stopping their inflow and infiltration issues. Stopping I&I will enable those organizations to save money over the coming years. We’re excited to announce that:

  • 3,000 X-85 External Chimney Seals were installed for our customers
  • 6,000 LSS Internal Chimney Seals were installed for our customers
  • 65,000 PRO-RINGS were installed across the United States, Canada and Australia
  • 0 warranty claims were made on the PRO-RING, for a 12th year in a row!
  • Free product demonstrations were conducted, across 12 different states

Stopping I&I With Product Demos

Our free product demonstrations help customers solve their inflow and infiltration challenges, and give them the opportunity to work with our products in conjunction with our team. Over the past several years, this has proven to be a successful approach for a number of customers.

Manhole Challenges In Illinois: A public works department in Illinois was extremely dissatisfied with the amount of extra time and money they were spending to follow-up, and spray in the lining of concrete grade rings. They were also facing safety concerns because of the weight of the concrete grade rings, and due to the weather, the concrete rings were starting to deteriorate from the road salt that is applied during the winter months. We demonstrated the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system which overcame their challenges, prompting them to place an order almost instantaneously.

Excess Infiltration In Wisconsin: A community in Wisconsin was facing major infiltration issues as a result of the deteriorating brick chimney. In this situation, we were dealing with a square catch basin and a round manhole casting. To accommodate the unique situation, we installed a square grade ring, and a set of round PRO-RINGs, which eliminated the need for a complicated brick installation. This solution stopped their inflow and infiltration issue, and prompted a review of other areas in their community.

Sloped Parking Lot & Corrosion: A city in Michigan was experiencing a manhole frame that had dropped and caused infiltration. The location of the manhole was in a sloped parking lot, which meant that snow plows would often times hit the manhole. Durability, salt and chemical resistance, and heavy load capacity were the primary needs of this city, which prompted a demo of the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system. Angle rings were part of the solution, which enabled the team to match the slope of the parking lot, preventing snow plow issues in the future. This Michigan city was impressed with the results and quickly placed an order for additional PRO-RING systems.

Salt, Chemicals & Heavy Truck Traffic: A public works department in Wisconsin was experiencing major deterioration issues near a city re-fueling area. The heavier traffic loads, along with the salt intrusion as a result of winter weather, had cause the concrete and mortar rings to crumble over time. The heavy traffic and salt occurrence would continue, so our team installed the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system; a system that stands up to harsh chemicals, and is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is a high strength, energy absorbing plastic. The demo prompted a field test, which will enable them to review the long-term impacts of installing the PRO-RING.

Concrete Grade Ring Price Increases

Concrete grade rings fell victim to price increases in the early part of 2022. Many people that we interacted with at trade shows confirmed this finding. The increase in price, coupled with the continuing issue of deterioration, dropped the ROI on concrete grade rings significantly throughout 2022. Our recommendation, to those at trade shows and to prospective customers, was to look for a long-term solution, like Expanded Polypropylene (EPP).

Solving I&I Requires A Modern Approach

Inflow and infiltration have plagued the industry for decades. But the intensity of the problem has changed, and has increased. The influx of heavy traffic, the use of road salt chemicals, the increase in the housing market, the reduction in green space and other factors have caused inflow and infiltration issues to increase. This is why we advocate a modern approach to solving I&I to customers, prospects and others in the industry. This approach includes:

  • Developing an annual plan to inspect and test pipes and manholes for signs of I&I
  • Staying up-to-date on innovations in the industry, and how others have solved I&I issues
  • Executing a full cost analysis when planning to purchase a product
  • Looking at products that are effective, are safer for employees to install and reduce the amount of time spent on the job site
  • Saving money by purchasing a product with demonstrated results, even though the initial investment may be higher than the “old” style of product
  • Looking for reasons to consider, and say yes, to new products and solutions

What We Expect In 2023

Rehabilitating or replacing aging sewer infrastructure, and stopping inflow and infiltration will continue to be a focus for many cities and municipalities. The need to save money, reduce labor costs and offer employees a safe work environment will also continue. That’s why our free product demonstrations will continue into 2023. These demos help show cities how easy it is to stop I&I for good, in a manner that is safe and efficient.

If you’re interested in requesting a product demonstration, please connect with us. Answer a few questions, and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s to a prosperous 2023!

2022: I&I Was No Match For Product Demos