A Warranty Win For Our Customers

Cretex Specialty Products has provided over 750,000 manhole chimney seals to customers, since our first seal was installed in 1981. Over those 40-years, we’ve received zero warranty claims. We’re proud of that zero, because it means we’ve manufactured solid products, that work for our customers. And, when our products work, our customers save time and money over the long-run, and we’re proud of that too.

So, why do we offer such a great warranty, if it’s never been used? It gives our customers peace of mind, and that is important to us.

We offer a 25–50-year material warranty on the original installation of LSS or Cretex Classic Internal Manhole Chimney seals, and Cretex Classic External Manhole Chimney Seals. When properly installed, Cretex Chimney Seals are designed to prevent leakage of water through the sealed portion of the manhole frame chimney area throughout their 50-Year design life.

Installing a great product, and knowing that it is backed by a strong warranty takes the worry out of the situation. It gives time back to the installation team, and saves the city, municipality, utility company or new construction firm money over the usage of the product. We consider it a win all around for our customers, which means it’s also a win for us.

Find out more about our warranty, and how it can benefit you, on our website.