An Indoor Manhole Challenge, Solved By PRO-RING

Not too long ago, our team headed to Northeast Oklahoma to support a challenge with a manhole inside a building. The building, located within a large industrial complex, had been erected, and a concrete floor was placed directly over a sanitary sewer manhole. There was no true way to access the sewer. Periodic inspection, cleaning and televising of the sewer was necessary, so a manhole frame and cover was needed.

Because the manhole was inside, the frame and cover installation would require something that would prevent sewer gas from escaping. The maintenance crew wanted to keep the opening in the floor to a minimum. Using concrete grade rings would have required a large excavation to safely conduct the installation. A gasketed, bolt down frame and cover, along with the PRO-RING, was installed.

PRO-RING was the ideal solution because the excavation was kept small enough to just fit the rings on to the top of the manhole cone, and set the frame. In addition, because the PRO-RING weighs 95% less than concrete rings, the installation was completed safely, and easily, in minutes. Saving time, and getting the team back to doing what was necessary.

If you’re in a similarly challenging scenario, reach out to us and request a demo. We like to tackle these situations!