Customers Tell All: Their Favorite Product Benefits

We speak with public works departments, municipalities, cities and utilities on a regular basis. During our free product demonstrations, at trade shows, and when we meet with existing customers. These conversations enable us to learn quite a bit about customer needs, and what they find most beneficial about our products.

LSS Internal Chimney Seal Benefits

  • Easy, quick and safe to install
  • Long product lifecycle
  • Low-cost product
  • Reduces infiltration and helps save on water treatment processing costs
  • Fits a variety of applications by stretching

PRO-RING Benefits

  • Lighter and safer than concrete rings
  • Adjustable heights and angles create a custom fit
  • Does not deteriorate
  • Saves money by reducing water treatment processing costs
  • Once installed, you don’t have to worry about that location
  • DOT approval in 20 states

X-85 External Chimney Seal Benefits

  • Quick installation with minimal prep-work
  • Affordable and available in many sizes
  • Easy to specify
  • Extremely versatile

In addition to these product benefits, one of the clear benefits that our customers have communicated is that our products solve inflow and infiltration for good. Fix the manhole location once, and forget about it.

If any of these benefits appeal to you, we encourage you to check out our products. For an up-close view of our products, visit us at an upcoming trade show, or request a free product demonstration.