Experience The Benefits Of The PRO-RING

Hundreds of thousands of PRO-RING units have been sold since we first introduced it in January 2010. The PRO-RING has helped the utility, underground structure, telecommunication and electrical industries solve their inflow and infiltration problems, across the United States. We are proud of that fact, and believe the PRO-RING has gained this type of acceptance because of its key benefits such as:

  • It is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) which is a high strength energy absorbing plastic
  • It meets, or exceeds, AASHTO HS-25 load requirements
  • It meets, or exceeds, the requirements of ASTM C1244 (vacuum test)
  • It meets, or exceeds, the requirements of ASTM C969 (exfiltration test)
  • It is not damaged or compromised when in direct contact to 285° F hot mix asphalt 
  • It minimizes the risk of injury due to its light weight
  • It does not require special, or heavy equipment for handling, installation or shipping

There are more benefits of the PRO-RING, but rather than read about them, experience them with a demo. Demos are a great way to see the PRO-RING first hand, ask questions and experience the benefits for yourself.