External Wrap In the field success.

As part of an expansion of a cheese production facility in Wisconsin, two large wet wells were being installed on the project.  These structures consisted of 144” I.D. and 96” I.D. precast concrete sections.  The 144” structure was made up of a base, 3 riser sections and top slab totaling 4 joints while the 96” was made up of a base, two riser sections and a top slap totaling 3 joints.  It was imperative that these joints not allow any infiltration or exfiltration through the joints. 

The operator at the cheese facility had seen the Cretex Wrap product at a wastewater seminar and decided to add the joint collars to the project to ensure a 100% watertight seal at each joint of the new wet wells.  The manufacturer of the precast wet well sections purchased and supplied the Cretex Wrap External Joint collars to the installation contractor performing the work.  A representative from Cretex Specialty Products was onsite to instruct and assist the contractor on the proper installation procedures for these joint collars.  Each of the joint collars are prefabricated to match the O.D. of the structure for a quick and easy installation.  Each joint collar was installed in under 10 minutes taking advantage of the optional self-contained ratchets used to tighten the compression bands that are an integral part of these joint collars.

The ease of installation and minimal added cost for the joint collars will be sure to prevent any joint leakage for the next 25 or more years.