Get To Know Cretex Specialty Products

Every company has a story, and interesting facts to share. From where they are located, who they employee and how/when products were launched. Cretex Specialty Products has a lot of those interesting facts and details, and we thought we would round them up, and share them!

  • We are based in Waukesha, WI, and have been since 1983.
  • Our focus, since opening, has been to provide quality manhole solutions.
  • We employ a strong team of five in our Waukesha, WI location, as well as over 30 representatives throughout the United States.
  • We focus on customer service. That’s why a Cretex Specialty Products employee will answer the phone when you call, not an automated service.
  • The materials we use to manufacture our products is primarily sourced from the United States. We have back-up sourcing locations in Canada.
  • The products that we develop and manufacture take into account customer insights. We ask for input and ideas, and base new products off the details we secure.
  • Our product line-up includes internal chimney seals, external chimney seals, internal joint seals, external joint wraps and the PRO-RING.
  • We offer a 50-Year warranty on the original installation of Cretex Classic Internal Manhole Chimney seals and Cretex Classic External Manhole Chimney Seals.
  • We publish easy to follow installation videos on our YouTube channel.
  • The PRO-RING, was introduced in January 2010. Since then, PRO-RINGs have been installed in 48 states, Canada and Australia.
  • The PRO-RING has received DOT approval in 20 states, with more to come.
  • We haven’t received a PRO RING warranty claim since introducing the PRO-RING in 2010.
  • We offer free product demonstrations to those that request one. These demonstrations are hand-on, with your team, to ensure they understand how our products work, and how to install them.

Interested in learning more about Cretex Specialty Products, or chatting with us directly? Give us a call, and let’s chat.