Headline: No Trade Shows, No Problem. We Continue To Support Our Customers.

As with many industries, the trade shows that we typically attend have either been canceled, or have been put on hold. Trade shows are one of the ways that we are able to interact with, and demonstrate our products to customers that may not be aware of us yet, or have not experienced the full depth of our pipe and manhole sealing and rehabilitation solutions.

The industries that we support however, do not stop. Municipalities, telecommunications and power industries and new construction has continued. We’ve continued as well with the goal of supporting their needs including saving them money by reducing time spent on installation or on future repairs.

Instead of trade shows, we’ve been involved in numerous video meetings with current customers and those interested in our products. These video meetings have proven to be extremely effective at answering questions, as well as providing a mini demonstration of our products. Although we believe an in-person, hands-on demonstration is best, our products lend themselves to online conversations as well.

In addition to our online meetings, we’ve worked with organizations to create webinars focused on providing information about our products, and the industry, to viewers. And, of course, our field representatives and customer support team have been available, and will continue to be available to answer questions over the phone.

The bottom line? Even without in-person trade shows, we are available and ready to support our customers. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 40 years, and we do not plan to stop.