PRO-RING Replaces Concrete Rings Corroded By Road Salt Chemicals

Our product demonstration team was in Illinois not too long about working with a municipality experiencing inflow and infiltration issues. The municipality had installed concrete rings on the storm sewer inlets and few years ago, but they were already beginning to fail. The concrete rings were corroding due to the road salt chemicals, and other chemicals that are commonly used to help clear snow and ice during the extreme cold temperatures of the winter months.

Our team recommended and demonstrated the PRO-RING system to this municipality. The PRO-RING is made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), and can stand up to harsh environments, like extreme winter temperatures. It is also chemical resistant, which means the road salt chemicals used to clear ice and snow will not corrode the PRO-RING.

The hands-on product demonstration was a success, and the municipality plans to start using PRO-RINGS for storm sewer inlet repairs in multiple locations.

If your city or municipality experiences similar issues, or if you’re curious about how the PRO-RING manhole grade adjustment system works, contact us for a free product demo. We’ll come on-site and walk your team through the installation process.