Heavy Truck Traffic & Salt Create Infiltration Issues in WI

Our team met a representative from a WI public works department at a recent trade show. Our in-depth discussions with them at the show, and beyond, uncovered that they were experiencing deteriorated concrete and mortar rings due to heavy truck traffic, as well as salt intrusion. The biggest issue they were facing was near a city re-fueling area, which is prone to heavier traffic loads than other areas of the city.

The combination of heavy trucks and salt will be an on-going scenario for this public works department, and a product that could stand up to both scenarios was critical. Our team recommended, and demonstrated, the PRO-RING to this WI public works department. The PRO-RING system is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is a high strength, energy absorbing plastic. It also has excellent chemical and UV resistance, and meets or exceeds AASHTO HS-25 load requirements. The PRO-RING met the requirements that this department was looking for, with a few extra benefits that they didn’t know they needed:

  • It’s approximately 1/20th the weight of concrete grade rings
  • It minimizes the risk of injury due to its light weight
  • It will not fracture during transportation or be damaged if dropped
  • It installs quickly (one person can typically install the system in minutes)

The PRO-RING product demonstration was a success, and the department is currently field-testing PRO-RINGs and analyzing data around each installation site.

If your city or municipality faces a similar issue of heavy traffic and/or salt intrusion that causes infiltration issues, contact us for a free product demonstration.