Helping A Public Works Department Overcome Their Manhole Challenges

We had the opportunity to demonstrate the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system to a public works department in Illinois. This department was extremely dissatisfied with the amount of extra time and money they were spending to follow-up, and spray in the lining of concrete grade rings. In addition, they were facing safety concerns because of the weight of the concrete grade rings, and due to the weather, the concrete rings were starting to deteriorate from the road salt that is applied during the winter months.

After listening to their frustrations and discussing their needs, we introduced the department to the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system. During the demonstration, we highlighted the benefits that would immediately squash their concerns:

  • The PRO-RING does not require a sprayed on liner
  • The PRO-RING is lightweight
  • The PRO-RING stands up to harsh road salt chemicals
  • The PRO-RING does not deteriorate

Not only did these benefits overcome their initial challenges, the PRO-RING would also save the department time and money.

During the demonstration we installed a PRO-RING grade, finish and angle ring with M-1 adhesive. This enabled us to get the manhole to the proper height and level with the surrounding ground angle.

Initially the public works department planned on analyzing the first installation of the PRO-RING for a few seasons. They wanted to ensure it could withstand the freeze and thaw cycles. However, once they saw the installation process, and read other customer testimonials, they immediately placed an order for two starter pallets. Their comment, “We can’t afford to wait any longer. We need to use these now. How soon can we get them?” Our answer – we’ll ship them out tonight! If you’re interested in a demo of our PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system, give us a call at 800-345-3764, or fill out a quick form on our website