Benefits of A Cretex Product Demo

Product demonstrations are a great way to learn about a product first hand, before making a commitment to purchase it. You will learn how easy it it prevent or mitigate inflow & infiltration. In terms of our free product demos, there are other benefits as well.

Five reasons to request a product demo

  1. Stop inflow and infiltration
  2. Learn from our team
  3. Reduce the need for future maintenance (on the jobsite we work on)
  4. Enjoy the benefits of our nearly 40 years of experience
  5. Product demos are free

What to expect from a product demo

The process for requesting a product demo is pretty simple. Take a few photos of the problematic manhole, go to our website to fill out the form, include the key details about the location (exact location details, details on the problem, etc.), and click submit. Once we solidify the details, here’s what you can expect from the product demo:

  • We (Cretex Specialty Products) will supply the material* and basic hand tools.
  • One of our Regional Managers or Manufacturers’ Representatives will demonstrate or assist your personnel with the installation of the product should they wish to participate.
  • You call 811 for utility locales if excavation is required.
  • You provide any equipment and/or manpower if needed.
  • You coordinate traffic control if needed.
  • Your crew is responsible for pavement cutting and excavation to expose the manhole frame and chimney down to the top of the cone.
  • Excavation work typically applies to PRO-RING or External Chimney Seal.
  • Internal Chimney Seal or above grade PRO-RING demos do not require excavation
  • Any backfill, grass surface or pavement restoration is the responsibility of the owner or utility.

It’s an easy process, that solves an inflow and infiltration challenge in your area, and offers you an abundance of insight into products.

Now that you know the benefits, and the process, we invite you to request your demo.

*Limitations apply; We will provide the materials for up to 14 vertical inches of chimney repair using an internal or external chimney seal or PRO-RING Manhole Adjustment Rings.