A Modern Approach To Solving I&I

I&I Old vs New

Inflow and infiltration have been a problem in the industry for several decades. And, as a result, products were developed to help “solve” I&I. Many of these products were based on the available knowledge, and technology of the past. While these products may have helped lessen I&I in the past, they have not evolved to handle the I&I issues of today. The influx of heavy traffic, the use of road salt chemicals, the increase in the housing market, the reduction in green space – the list could go on. So, it begs the question. If the issue and intensity of I&I has changed over the years, why are some still trying to solve I&I with old technology?

The Old Way Of Approaching I&I

There are many schools of thought on the best “old school” way of solving I&I, including:

  • Building bigger wastewater plants
  • Using brick and concrete rings
  • Ignoring the problem
  • Buying the least expensive option available
  • Fixing the same location year after year
  • Disregarding new products

While some of these approaches may have worked, at least for a brief time, in the past, they cannot stand up to the I&I challenges of today. Additionally, these approaches do not consider the full cost of the I&I issue, the cost to replace the newly installed product in the near future, the safety of employees, how I&I impacts wastewater treatment plants or other elements that are directly related to I&I.

The New Way Of Approaching I&I

Technology is constantly changing and evolving – this holds true for I&I solutions as well. New materials have been explored, innovative technologies have been leveraged, and new products have been developed that approach I&I with today’s challenges in mind. These new, proven products, coupled with a solid approach to handling I&I, can put public works departments, municipalities, and utilities in a stronger position to stop I&I for good. Consider this modern approach to solving I&I:

  • Develop an annual plan to inspect and test pipes and manholes for signs of I&I
  • Stay up to date on innovations in the industry, and how others have solved I&I issues
  • Execute a full cost analysis when planning to purchase a product
    • Include labor costs, the lifespan of the product, the impacts on wastewater treatment plants, potential injury implications, potential future replacement costs, and the potential for rebuilding roads around curb inlets and manholes
  • Look at products that are effective, are safer for employees to install and reduce the amount of time spent on the job site
  • Save money by purchasing a product with demonstrated results, even though the initial investment may be higher than the “old” style of product
  • Look for a reason to consider, and say yes, to new products and solutions

While approaching I&I from a modern perspective may seem difficult at first, the outcomes of saving money, reducing time spent on job sites and increasing employee satisfaction while reducing injury will clearly demonstrate the benefits of a new approach. Additionally, you’ll become part of a growing family of collection system professionals who look out for the interests of their employees and the community they are a part of.

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