Logging Trucks Causing I&I Issues In The South

Our team headed South earlier this year to support a Superintendent that was experiencing I&I issues with manhole on a major highway. Logging trucks utilize the highway on a regular basis, and the extra weight and on-going pounding from the trucks was creating cracking, separation and severe I&I issues around a number of manholes.

The Superintendent requested a product demonstration, and indicated that he was looking for a faster, and safer way to raise manhole frames to grade. Our team came on site to demonstrate, and install the PRO-RING.

The hands-on demo was executed in conjunction with his team. Because the PRO-RING system can be installed quickly, the highway wasn’t shut down long. With safety being a concern, we also discussed, and showed the team that the PRO-RING is easy to handle, and light-weight, which reduces overall risk to those working with the adjustable grade system.

Long-term the Superintendent plans to order and install additional PRO-RING adjustable grade systems for the main highway, and for other highways as well.

If your municipality is struggling with similar issues, contact us for a free product demo.