Looking Back and Looking Ahead (Q1 2020 Recap)

We’ve entered a new quarter, and also transitioned into a new season, Spring. With these changes, we thought we would share a few updates on what the Cretex Specialty Products team has been working on, and what we expect over the next few weeks.

Demo Requests: We believe in the value of product demonstrations, which is why we offer free product demonstrations. These demos primarily feature the PRO-RING and the LSS Internal Chimney Seal. Although we’ve temporarily suspended our in-person demonstrations, the early part of Q1 was busy with product demos. In total we hosted thirteen product demonstrations!

Customer Locations: Our customers are across the country. The customers that joined us in Q1, 2020 kept up with that trend. We saw quite a bit of activity in the Southwest and Southeast in the early part of the quarter.

Industries: City and local municipalities tend to reach out to us the most. That said, we also support the telecommunications and power industries, as well as the new construction industry. These industries are essential to the infrastructure of the country, and we are pleased that we are able to support their efforts.

Although we do not have a crystal ball, we do have a few thoughts on what will take place over the next few weeks:

  • Spring will bring about rain, and flooding in certain portions of the Midwest and Southeast. We encourage contacts in these areas to be prepared, and try to install proper inflow and infiltration solutions sooner rather than later to help prevent an influx of inflow into wastewater treatment plants or into telecommunications vaults.
  • Customers will see value in getting things completed faster, with the goal of completing projects that may have been placed on hold towards the end of Q1.
  • Inflow and infiltration will continue to be top of mind for many, especially as industries look to find ways to save money for future needs and projects.
  • Product demonstrations will be back, and we have a hunch that we’ll be responding to a number of requests for demos across the country. Feel free to get a jump on the process and request a demo now. That way we can start the conversation and process now, and plan ahead.

We’re looking forward to the next few months, and will plan to provide updates throughout the year. In the meantime, if we can help you and support your business or municipality, please contact us. Our team is here, and ready to help.