LSS Internal Chimney Seal Demo Recap

Product demos not only help us show the benefits of our products, but also offer the opportunity for us to discuss inflow and infiltration questions in person.

We were in the Midwest earlier this year, with a prospective customer that expressed interest in the LSS Internal Chimney Seal, due to a challenge that they were experiencing with a structure.

The structure requiring the chimney seal was a valve vault. This vault was filled with water every time the utility team went to the location to exercise the valve. This typical routine maintenance task turned into an operation that was much more time consuming because they had to set up a pump and draw down the water that had leaked in. The additional time that this took created an unnecessary expense.

After discussing with the customer and thoroughly understanding their challenges, we proposed installing the LSS Internal Manhole Chimney Seal. The LSS would stop the leak and prevent any water from leaking into the structure.

As with all of our product demos, the customer had the opportunity to engage with the product and their team was involved in the hands-on demonstration. Our team provided the product and walked through step-by-step how to install the LSS Internal Chimney Seal.

This Midwest customer was quite pleased with the product demo, and the results that took place after the LSS Internal Chimney Seal was installed.

If you are experiencing a similar situation, or have an inflow and infiltration challenge, contact us, and let’s chat about potential solutions.