Solving Inflow & Infiltration, One Demo At A Time

manhole adjustment system

Our free product manhole adjustment system demonstrations are a great way to fix your inflow and infiltration problem for good. You will also gain insights and information from our team. Check out how we solved I&I issues during these recent product demonstrations:

MI: A customer was experiencing deteriorated concrete and mortar chimneys dues to salt and water corrosion. We recommended and demonstrated the PRO-RING manhole grade adjustment system because it is salt, chemical and UV resistant. Additionally, the PRO-RING is light-weight, creating a safer installation process for the team involved in fixing manholes in the area.

WI: A customer was experiencing issues with their concrete and mortar rings due to heavy truck traffic near the city fueling area. The rings were continuing to deteriorate due to the heavy loads. Our team met with them and installed the PRO-RING manhole grade adjustable system during a demo because of the high strength-to-weight ratio.

MN: A customer was experiencing cracked concrete and mortar rings due to harsh weather conditions in the area. A product that is resistant to salt, UV and other chemicals is exactly what this customer needed, which is why we demonstrated, and installed, the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system.

WI: A customer was experiencing a deteriorated brick chimney due to infiltration between a square catch basin and a round manhole casting. Our team installed the PRO-RING system because we offer both square and round forms, which enabled us to alleviate the infiltration caused by this not-so-unique situation.

If you’re experiencing and inflow and infiltration issue in your area, contact us for a free product demonstration. We supply the manhole adjustment system products and the team.