Maximize Your 2021 Budget With These Tips

The year 2020 has been an interesting one, to say the least. A number of our customers, and other municipalities and utilities across the country have found it necessary to adjust work schedules, budgets and other items associated with day-to-day operations. And, based on the conversations we’ve been having, cities may be facing budget shortfalls due to lost revenue.

As our customers plan for 2021, we encourage them to develop a plan that maximizes their 2021 budget as it relates to new construction, or rehabilitation/rehab projects. Here are the tips that we typically share:

Identify The Assets Requiring Repairs

  • Prioritize repairs based on condition
    • Sanitary sewer manholes
      • Leaks
      • Deterioration
    • Storm sewer curb inlets and manholes
      • Deteriorated adjustments
      • Deteriorated pavement

Determine Work Required To Correct The Situation

  • Complete replacement
  • Partial replacement
  • Rehabilitation

Research And Collect Information

  • Available products and technologies
    • Design life
    • Ease of installation and use
  • Cost to install
    • Current material cost
    • Hours required to install
    • Equipment required to install

Budget For A Long-Term Solution

  • Short term repairs cost more
    • Repeated repairs use resources that could be used elsewhere
  • Select and use products that have a long design life
    • Products may cost more initially, but will save money in the long run because the repair or replacement is only done once and not repeatedly
    • You may need to plan for a lower number of repairs due to a higher installation cost, but over time, you will gain budget dollars because you are not repairing the same thing over and over again.

Planning projects ahead of time can help you, and your team, prioritize the most important projects first, while maximizing the budget for 2021, and future years.

One way you can maximize your budget is by requesting a free product demonstration. Our team will show you, first-hand, how our products can help solve your inflow challenges (and the demo comes with the opportunity to receive free product).