Midwest Demo Round-Up

One of the reasons we, as an organization, like hosting our free product demonstrations, is because we have the opportunity to interact with customers and help solve the inflow and infiltration issues that they are experiencing. Bringing a solution to customers aligns with our overarching goal of stopping inflow and infiltration, and ultimately saving our customers time and money.

Over the past few months, we’ve executed a number of product demos in the Midwest. All of these customers were facing an issue, and we worked with them to solve that issue:

East Central Minnesota: This customer was experiencing deteriorated precast concrete grade rings, which in turn were allowing inflow into their sewer system. During the product demo we installed the PRO-RING and highlighted the ability to safely complete a precision adjustment. This customer is currently reviewing the PRO-RING for installation in other locations.

South Dakota: This customer was experiencing leaking adjustment rings, which we have found to be a common issue. We recommended and installed the LSS Internal Manhole Chimney Seal because it seals from the cast iron frame down to the top of the cone, and stops the leakage from entering the manholes. As a result, the customer rehabbed an additional 40 manholes utilizing the LSS Chimney Seal.

East Central South Dakota: Leaking grade rings were a major pain point for this customer. We demonstrated how to install the PRO-RING and emphasized the lightweight nature of the product, which was an important distinction for the customer. As a result of the product demonstration, the customer is evaluating the next steps to implement the PRO-RING system.

Central Wisconsin: This customer was challenged with a deteriorated block and precast concrete manhole. After discussing the issue, we demonstrated the PRO-RING system to the customer and explained how the product can save them time, while also solving their issues. This customer placed an order for additional PRO-RING manhole grade adjustment systems to solve other deteriorating block and precast concrete issues within their city.

If any of these I&I challenges sound familiar, consider requesting a free product demonstration for your location.