PRO-RING Demo In Northeast, WI

We’ve been easing back into our product demonstrations slowly, while implementing new guidelines to keep our customers and team members safe.

Recently we were in Northeast WI supporting a customer that was challenged by a frame and grate that wouldn’t align with the curb. After additional conversations with the customer, we recommended using the PRO-RING to solve the situation.

Our product team met on-location with the customer to demonstrate the PRO-RING, and worked collaboratively to implement a solution. In this case, we used four Finish rings and “corbelled” them so the frame was positioned as required, and aligned with the curb.

Although this is not an installation that is typically recommended, the location of the issue is in a low traffic residential area. Since heavy truck traffic is not anticipated, equating to a substantial decrease in potential issues, this solution was both creative and met the unique needs of the customer.

If you are interested in a product demonstration, please check out the “request a demo” details on our website. Here you’ll find the process for requesting a product demo, our new procedures and what a product demo entails. Looking forward to hearing from you.