PRO-RING Solves Salt Deterioration Issues

Numerous states, including Michigan, utilize road salt and other chemicals to prevent icy streets during the winter months. It’s a common practice that benefits those that live and drive in the area, because it makes the roads safer. Those same road salt chemicals that melt ice and snow, also tend to corrode concrete and mortar, specifically concrete and mortar chimneys.

We recently visited a prospective customer in Michigan, that was experiencing deteriorating manhole frames, made of concrete and mortar, due to road salt chemicals. Additionally, one of the main manholes requiring repair was in a sloped parking lot, which would require shimming if an outdated solution was used to repair the site.

After discussions with the city, and getting a full understanding of their needs, our Demo Team recommended the PRO-RING adjustable grade system to alleviate their issues. The PRO-RING system is resistant to road salt chemicals, one of their primary issues, as well as UV resistant, durable over the long-term, light weight and can withstand heavy truck loads. The PRO-RING system also offers an Angle Ring, which can be used to match slope (without shimming).

Our focus was to provide a system that offered a fix it, and forget it situation – and the PRO-RING system did just that. Our team installed the Grade, Finish and Angle PRO-RINGS which provided infiltration protection and will stand-up to winter weather, road salt and other chemicals and the heavy truck loads that are frequently in the area.

At the close of the product demonstration, the city quickly decided to order a full pallet of PRO-RINGs, to fix other locations in their city for good.

If your city or municipality is experiencing similar issues, we encourage you to contact us for a free product demonstration. The demo is free and is focused on determining a solution that will solve inflow and infiltration issues for good.