Classic External Chimney Seal

Special corrugated shape to the Classic External Chimney Wrap allows for movement within the confines of the surrounding backfill and provides for a full 2 inches of vertical movement without stretching the material. The nominal 9″ wide sleeve is shaped to allow it to be mechanically locked onto the manhole frame. The seal is made of rubber which conforms to the physical requirements of ASTM C-923, as modified, with a minimum 3/16 – inch thickness for durability and resistance to puncturing or tearing.

There are multiple scenarios that can cause I&I, including sewer pipe deterioration, cracks in joints and root intrusion in pipes.  Also, check out our high performing X-85 as an optional solution.

The Cretex Classic External Chimney Wrap Advantage

  • Designed for installation in new manholes or existing manholes requiring rebuilding.
  • Versatile-fits differential sizes.
  • Optional rubber extension allows complete chimney coverage.
  • Reusable, if carefully removed.
  • Easy to install.
  • Mechanical seal, does not rely on chemical bond. Not weather dependent.
  • Best warranty in the industry.

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