Gain the advantage with the CRETEX Hydratite internal seal

Custom made for each project. HydraTite™ seals provide a low cost option to a repair leaking pipe joint. Superior quality and intricate design assures a tight, leak-free seal. By eliminating the need for excavation, savings can be in excess of 50 percent with projects normally completed in days not weeks. The HydraTite™ Sealing System serves as an internal joint seal and can be transformed into an interlocking sleeve system, custom designed to any length of pipe.

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The HydraTite™ Advantage

  • Custom mechanical remediation with NO EXCAVATION REQUIRED.
  • Rapid installation and immediate return-to-service.
  • Seal flexibility accommodates shifting, vibration, ground settling, and thermal expansion/contraction.
  • Low profile ensures minimal flow loss.
  • Can be custom fitted to irregular shaped conduits.
  • Ideal for “END” Seal applications on CIPP projects.

HydraTite™ Internal Joint Seals are mechanical, trenchless remediations for superior leaking pipe joint repair. The HydraTite system consists of a proprietary rubber seal which spans the joint and is held in place by stainless steel retaining bands on either side of the joint. These retaining bands are hydraulically expanded and locked in place using a wedge lock design, which forms an air-tight clamp around the joint eliminating all infiltration and exfiltration. Each HydraTite™ seal is designed and custom made for each application to ensure complete compliance with project specifications. The HydraTite System is a recognized method of joint repair by AWWA manual M28, and has been widely accepted and approved by municipalities and DOTs.

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