Recapping Q3, 2022. Longer, Warmer Days Highlight Issues In Manholes

The third quarter of the year is always an interesting one. Longer days, warmer days, and in some areas a lot of rain. These acts of nature tend to highlight when manhole adjustment systems are installed properly, and also when they are not. That is definitely what rose to the surface in Q3, 2022.

One message we heard over and over again from customers was that their concrete rings deteriorated due to salt intrusion, especially in heavy snow areas, and due to heavy truck usage. Both situations are common for many parts of the country, which is why it’s important to keep them in mind when replacing or rehabbing the manholes in your area. As well as the potential for extreme heat, which many areas experienced over the summer months.

Another message that we heard from customers, especially new customers, was one of surprise. The surprise typically occurred during a free product demonstration of our PRO-RING grade adjustable system. Because these demos are hands-on and the customers we work with pick up the PRO-RING, and help with the install, they really get to know the product. Numerous times we heard customers express their surprise that the PRO-RING was that light, and that it was that easy to install. It’s a bit of an “a-ha” moment, and frankly those moments make us smile. Often times, in these situations, we share an interesting fact about PRO-RING…our favorite fact is that it only takes (46) 11 1/2″ helium balloons to lift a 3/4″ PRO-RING. (In case you were wondering, it would take a little over 300 helium balloons to lift a gallon of milk!)

As we head into the fourth quarter, we believe the impact of inflation and increasing interest rates will impact the construction industry. We’re seeing a potential slowdown specifically for new projects. That said, a solid way to counteract a potential slowdown is to rehab existing manholes, with a focus on a long-term solution. In other words, a solution that will not require rehabbing again. We offer a number of solutions that can help your public works department, municipality, city or utility stop infiltration. And stopping infiltration can save your organization money now, and in the long run.

One quick, and easy, way to get started is to request a free product demonstration from us. It’s a great way to solve an issue in your area, get to know our products better and learn some interesting facts from our team!