Save Time and Money: Stopping Inflow Across Multiple Industries

Inflow, and the burdens associated with it, are often tied to cities and local municipalities. And rightly so. Municipalities tend to experience the worst when it comes to inflow, including the cost and time associated with it when it enters the waste water network and needs to be cleaned. This puts municipalities in a tough situation because even a little inflow can be costly.

But inflow doesn’t just impact municipalities. Other industries are impacted by inflow as well, including the telecommunications and power industries. And, although the impact is different, the outcome is the same – inflow costs these industries money. Money that could be spent elsewhere.

As an example, we’ve encountered utility customers that have had issues with inflow entering their vaults, causing those vaults to fill with water. When these vaults are filled with water, crews cannot do their work effectively. Instead, they need to pump the water out of the vault, which takes time, and then begin the work they were assigned to do. The result is time wasted, which translates into money wasted as well.

We pride ourselves on being able to support, and help with all of these industries. In fact, some of our products were even designed specifically to help an industry. For example, the PRO-RING 46” O.D. X 36” I.D. round size that we released in 2019 was designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications and power industries. These sizes offer the same benefits as all other sizes of the PRO-RING and are large enough to meet their underground structure needs.

We’re also able to help certain industries prevent inflow before it even begins. This rings true with new construction. By implementing inflow solutions during the initial construction phase, inflow essentially becomes a thing of the past. And instead of spending future time and money to solve a problem, that money can be used elsewhere.

We’re proud to support multiple industries with our products, knowledge and customer support. If there is an inflow issue that we can help you with, we encourage you to contact us. We’re happy to discuss, and provide recommendations for tackling the inflow problem that you are facing.