Saving Time and Money Are Important. Our Products Can Help.

Over the past few months, the industry, and the world has changed. Work teams have been separated, and people are traveling to work sites individually, instead of as a group. It is certainly a change, but we’ve found that our customers are adapting and continuing to provide the necessary services to their communities.

Changes like this also bring a need to save time, and money wherever possible. Things like easy to handle and transport products along with products that are quick to install have become necessary. Products that meet these criteria help reduce the number of vehicles and personnel needed and enable organizations to be more effective across multiple projects.

The family of pipe and manhole sealing and rehabilitation solutions that we manufacture meet these criteria. They have always been easy to handle, transport and install. This means that a trip to the stock yard or warehouse to pick up material can be achieved by one person. One trip, and one person helps save on fuel costs and labor costs. In addition, our stocked warehouse enables our team to ship products the same, or next day, depending on the product and size of the order. This quick turn approach helps our customers create a coordinated work schedule that isn’t stuck waiting on out of stock products.

Saving time and money are important, now more than ever. Our products can help you with this need. Contact us for more information, or to discuss your current project needs.