The Advantages Of The PRO-RING

When customers ask us about the benefits of using the PRO-RING system vs a typical concrete grade adjustment system, we let them know that the PRO-RING is a faster, safer and lighter product. But what does that mean for those out in the field, and those purchasing the products?

  • Faster: The PRO-RING does not require special equipment to handle it, install it, or ship it. One person can easily install the PRO-RING™ system in just minutes. This means the job site will only need to be closed for a portion of a day, reducing overall cost by 20% to 30% based on conditions.
  • Safer: We know safety is key on any jobsite. A 6″ PRO-RING weighs 14 pounds and can be handled by one individual with ease. In addition, the PRO-RING is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is a high strength, energy absorbing plastic. It will not break on a job site. These two elements translate into less hazards for the team doing the install, and can help to reduce comp claims as well.
  • Lighter: The PRO-RING is approximately 1/20th the weight of concrete grade rings. This reduced weight means it is easier to handle and install. It also means a reduction in manpower required to make the installation.

Are there additional advantages of the PRO-RING system? Absolutely, and we invite you to read about them. Or, see the advantages first-hand by requesting a free product demonstration. You’ll get to work directly with our team and the PRO-RING, while solving an I&I challenge in your area.