The Costs Associated With Inflow & Infiltration

Inflow and infiltration is a burden on municipalities, utility companies, public works organizations, and on those that live in the community. Cost is one of the biggest burdens of inflow and infiltration, and it comes in the form of water. A leak that loses ten gallons per minute, which is not uncommon, can turn into 5,256,000 gallons per year. That is roughly a waste of $10,512 per year*. And, that is just one leak.

Unfortunately, there are other burdens that come with inflow and infiltration as well:

  • Possible Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fines
  • Flooding basements and buildings
  • Reduced waste water treatment plant capacity
  • Potential emergency response costs

The best course of action against inflow and infiltration is to stop the leak. The right solution however depends on the severity of the issue and the area needing repair. We dig in to solutions to inflow and infiltration during the lunch and learns that we host. If you have inflow and infiltration concerns, take advantage of our time and get a free lunch, on us. Request your lunch and learn today.

* WWTP cost approximately $2 per 1000 gallons. 5,256,000/1000 x $2 = $10,512 per year