The Solution To A Square Catch Basin & Round Manhole Casting

We worked with a customer in Wisconsin recently who was facing a major infiltration issue that was causing multiple issues for the public works department. The brick chimney had deteriorated due to excess infiltration between the square catch basin and the round manhole casting. A unique issue to be sure.

Our team discussed the challenge with the public works department and determined that our PRO-RING adjustable grade system would be able to handle the unique situation, and provide a long-lasting solution. Due to the challenge of the square catch basin and round manhole casting, we installed a square grade ring, and a set of round PRO-RINGs. This eliminated the need for a complicated brick installation. In addition, because the PRO-RINGs stand up to road-salt chemicals, harsh environments like WI winters and are extremely durable, this customer won’t be facing another infiltration issue due to deterioration.

As a result of the product demo, the Wisconsin department is evaluating the installation through field testing, and monitoring the results.