Training Contractors In Texas


With the weather changing to warmer temperatures across the country, we’re looking forward to getting back to executing product demonstrations. They are a great way for us to help solve inflow and infiltration challenges for public works, municipalities and utilities, and an opportunity for customers to work with our products in a hands-on environment.

We were recently in a city in Texas to help train local contractors on how to install our LSS Internal Chimney Seals. The contractors were able to learn from our team on the process of applying a mechanical seal, while also understanding the limited number of tools needed for the installation.

Not only did the contractors learn the proper way to install mechanical chimney seals, but we were also able to open up the lines of communication to continue discussing the inflow and infiltration issues they’ve been experiencing.

If you’re interested in a free product demonstration of the LSS Internal Chimney Seal, connect with us via our website.