Versatile And Effective Solutions Form Stopping Infiltration

Image of LSS internal chimney seal

We’ve been providing quality manhole solutions since 1983. One of those products is the LSS Internal Chimney Seal. The LSS is a flexible rubber sleeve, extruded/molded from a high grade rubber. The LSS is one of those products that is versatile and highly effective at stopping inflow and infiltration, but there are likely a few things about the LSS that you may not know.

Top Applications For The LSS Seal

  • Helps stop infiltration in existing manhole chimneys that are structurally sound
  • Prevents infiltration in new manholes, before it begins
  • Can be installed in a manhole location with actively running water

Safety Benefits Of Using The LSS Seal

  • No need to excavate or remove the manhole frame or chimney to install
  • No spray chemicals involved with installation
  • Can be installed from above, without fully entering the manhole (no confined space entry)

Top Advantages Of Using The LSS Seal

  • Lasts 2.5 times longer than applied coatings (according to ASCE)
  • Can be removed and reinstalled, if needed, for inspections or adjustments
  • Easy to install and no messy adhesives

Top Places To Use The LSS Seal

  • High ground water areas
  • Areas that tend to flood
  • Poor drainage areas
  • Areas with extreme temperature differentials

Interested in a few real-world applications, where cities or municipalities used the LSS Internal Chimney Seal? Check out these case studies:

If you’re ready to try the LSS Internal Chimney Seal in your location, contact us for a free product demonstration.