Ways To Identify I&I Issues

Inflow and Infiltration can cause multiple problems for cities and municipalities across the country. Wasted budget, sanitary sewer overflows, flooding basements and emergency response costs are just a few of the problems that are experienced when inflow and infiltration are not identified, and taken care of. And the first step in handling an I&I issue, is to identify it.

Consider these ways to identify I&I issues in your area:

  • Flow Monitoring: if you notice an abnormal spike, you may have an I&I issue
  • Dyed Water Testing: this test can visually show you that there is an issue
  • Vacuum Testing: a more in-depth test, that can identify the issue quickly
  • Vacuum Testing With Soap: again more in-depth, with a visual component as well
  • Visual Inspection: a simple, yet effective approach

Once you identify the I&I issues in your area, you’re able to prioritize which issue needs to be handled first, and develop a plan to combat it. One potential approach is to request a product demo from Cretex Specialty Products. We supply the products, and work with your team to fix the I&I issue that you’re experiencing.