Why We Offer Multiple PRO-RING Sizes

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We introduced the PRO-RING in January 2010, and since then it has gained acceptance across multiple industries. The PRO-RING is utilized across the utilities, underground structures, telecommunications and electrical industries. Because of the multiple industries, and needs, we offer multiple sizes of the PRO-RING. Frankly, we know that one size does not fit all industries.

For example, the angular PRO-RING was developed after requests came through from cities that had issues with stormwater curb inlets. The square and rectangular sizes were also introduced based on customer requests as well. And, the various sizes? You guessed it, customer requests as well.

We know that our various customers need options. Options that will help them solve their challenges, including stopping inflow and infiltration. And, that’s what we’re here for. To listen to our customers and help them.

If you are interested in learning more about the PRO-RING, and the different formats and sizes that we offer, we encouraged you to check out the PRO-RING product page. And, if you have questions, just reach out!

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