Sewer I&I Prevention and Mitigation Solutions

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One 10-gallon per minute leak costs $10,512 per year. Inflow and infiltration (I&I) are significant problems in municipal sewer systems that can cause system overflows and backups, leading to environmental damage and, potential health hazards and financial burdens.

As inflow and infiltration enter into the municipal sewer system through manholes, they increase the amount of wastewater that must be treated, leading to higher treatment costs. In addition, I&I can contribute to the premature wear and tear of the sewer system infrastructure, leading to more frequent maintenance and repair costs that ultimately increase the cost of water and sewer services to customers.

Reducing inflow and infiltration can provide significant benefits in terms of reduced service costs and a more reliable system. By reducing I&I, the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated is also reduced, leading to lower treatment costs and, ultimately, lower bills for customers. Additionally, reducing I&I can extend the life of the sewer system infrastructure, leading to fewer repairs and maintenance requirements, which can translate to long-term savings for customers.

Finally, a more reliable system with reduced risk of overflows and backups can increase customer satisfaction by providing a more consistent and dependable service.

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