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A 2022: I&I Was No Match For Product Demos
        We’d like to share a few updates on the …

A Modern Approach To Solving I&I
        Inflow and infiltration have been a problem…

Recapping Q3, 2022: Longer, Warmer Days Highlight Issues In Manholes
        The third quarter of the year is always …

Heavy Truck Traffic & Salt Create Infiltration Issues In WI
        Our team met a representative from …

Six Criteria To Look For When Selecting An I&I Partner
        Choosing the right partner to help you …

The Solution To Deteriorating Concrete Grade Rings
        We’ve encountered a trend lately …

Q2 2022: Concrete Grade Rings Deteriorating & Increasing In Price
        The second quarter of 2022 brought with it ...

The Solution To A Square Catch Basin & Round Manhole Casting
        We worked with a customer in Wisconsin recently ...

Quick Guide: Choosing The Right Product To Stop Infiltration.
        If you are looking to stop infiltration in the manhole

Helping A Public Works Dept. Overcome Their Manhole Challenges
        We had the opportunity to demonstrate the PRO-RING adjustable

Q1 2022: Lunch & Learns and Trade Shows
        As the first quarter of 2022 wraps up, we’d like to 

EPP Rings vs Concrete Rings
        When it comes to manhole grade adjustment systems

Get To Know Cretex Specialty Products
        The new year is here, and we’re looking forward to …

Passing Vacuum Testing In TN
        The new year is here, and we’re looking forward to …

Our Plans For 2022
        The new year is here, and we’re looking forward to …

Cretex Lunch & Learns Are Back
        We are kicking off the new year with Lunch &  …

2021: Working With Customers To Stop Inflow
        The new year is right around the corner. But before …

PRO-RING Replaces Concrete Rings Corroded By Road Salt Chemicals
        Our product demonstration team was in Illinois  …

WEFTEC 2021: Traffic Rated Conversations
        The Cretex Specialty Products team attended …

Devices To Mitigate I&I in Sanitary Sewer Manholes
        In addition to sponsoring the event, we hosted  …

Q3: Traveling The Country
        The third quarter of 2021 was filled with travel …

A Warranty Win For Our Customers
        Cretex has provided over 750,000 manhole seals …

Why Customers Love Our Products
        Often times we are asked for customer testimonials…

I&I ElimiNATION 2021 Workshop Recap
        We are thrilled that we were able to attend, and present at…

Midwest Demo Round-Up
        One of the reasons we, as an organization, like hosting our…

Q2 2021: All About Demos
        That’s a wrap on Q2 2021. As we look back on the past three months

Ways To Identify I&I Issues
        Inflow and Infiltration can cause multiple problems…

Logging Trucks Causing I&I Issues In The South
        Our team headed South earlier this year to support …

The Advantages Of The PRO-RING
        When customers ask us about the benefits of using…

A Low-Cost Approach To I&I Can Cost You Over Time
        One of the issues we see with organizations trying to stop…

Q1 2021 Recap
        As the first quarter of the year wraps up, we’d like to share…

Applied & Mechanical Sealing Solutions—What’s The Difference.
        The right chimney seal can help stop up to 70%…

Training Contractors In Texas
        With the weather changing to warmer temperatures…

Pros & Cons: Complete Replacement, Partial Replacement or Rehab
        Budget conversations were a popular topic at the end of last year..

The Cost Associated With Inflow & Infiltration
        Inflow and infiltration is a burden on municipalities, utility companies, and …

Lunch & Learns: Stop Inflow & Infiltration
        This month we’re kicking off Lunch and Learns.

Trenchless installation of an internal chimney seal in Missouri.
        The Cretex Specialty Products team was in Missouri.

2020: The Numbers, The Highlights, The Conversations
        Before we ring in the new year, we’d like to share a few brief updates.

Maximize Your 2021 Budget With These Tips
        The year 2020 has been an interesting one, to say the least.

A Product Demo In The “Friendship” State (Texas)
        A city in Texas reached out earlier this year because they

Q3 Recap And Q4 Expectations
        We’ve just entered the last quarter of the year, which means …

PRO-RING Demo in Northeast, WI
        We’ve been easing back into our product demonstrations slowly…

Free Product Demonstrations Are Back!
        We are excited to share that our free product demonstration program is back…

Manhole Maintenance: A Fall Prep Checklist
  Fall brings a lot of things. Pumpkin Spice (if you’re into that)…

An Indoor Manhole Challenge, Solved By PRO-RING
    Not too long ago, our team headed to Northeast Oklahoma

Q2 Highlights:
      An Underwater Installation and Budget Conversations

Saving Time and Money Are Important.
        Our products can help…

No Trade Shows, No Problem
        We continue to support our customers…

Save Time and Money
Stopping inflow across multiple industries…

Stop Inflow
Consider these time & money saving tips

Looking Back & Looking Ahead
      We’ve entered a new quarter, and also transitioned into a new season…. 

Cretex COVID-19 Update

LSS Internal Chimney Seal Demo Recap
        Product demos not only help us show the benefits …. 

A Successful WWETT Show 2020
        The show focuses on providing…. 

Experience The Benefits of The PRO-RING
        Hundreds of thousands of PRO-RING units…. 

The Issue With Inflow & Infiltration
        Inflow and infiltration is clear water that

Have Inflow & Infiltration Questions?
         One of our goals for 2020 is to share tips

Why We Offer Multiple PRO-RING Sizes
        We know that one size does not fit all industries.

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