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PRO-RING is the world’s first and only manhole grade adjustment rings made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), the same engineered polymer material that has been used in the automotive industry since the 1980s. 25-year warranty.

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PRO-RING is The Proven Concrete Ring Alternative

PRO-RING products provide a proven alternative to concrete grade or adjustment rings and are the most advanced concrete ring alternative manhole grade-adjustment system available anywhere. Made of Expanded Polypropylene, PRO-RING is known for its ability to stand up to the harshest conditions without damage or deformity for 100 years. Installed on tens of thousands of manholes and catch basins throughout the U.S. and Canada, these lightweight rings are renowned for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance, and long service life under the most demanding conditions. In addition, the PRO-RING is DOT-approved in 25 states and designed to last a lifetime.


One Man Can Easily Install the PRO-RING System in Minutes.

PRO-RING products speed manhole installation and repair dramatically, allowing the site to be closed in one day and reducing overall cost from 20% to 30% based on conditions. People are amazed at our demonstrations when one person can install an entire PRO-RING system in just minutes. The adjustment system is easy to assemble, watertight, and installed within one-quarter inch of the desired elevation. Our angle ring allows speedy conformity to sloped road surfaces. Additionally, no water, sand mortar, or bricks are needed, just simple tools. Check out some of our case studies to learn more.


Lighter Weight & Strength Helps You Reduce Comp Claims.

The PRO-RING can literally be lifted with your finger. It usually takes two to four men to lift a concrete grade ring, each risking back injury. A six-inch PRO-RING weighs only 14 pounds and is 95% lighter than a concrete ring. The ability to hand-carry the manhole adjustment rings into backyards, easements, and remote locations, makes the overall process safer and less disruptive. Where concrete rings break and can cause injury, the PRO-RING™ system minimizes that hazard, helping reduce comp claims. Download our brochure to learn more.

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How Are PRO-RINGs Cheaper Than Concrete Rings?

In short, they are Faster, Lighter, and Safer than concrete grade rings and have a 100 design life. 
The PRO-RING system’s durability is unmatched, as it is corrosion resistant unlike concrete, which is susceptible to damage from road salt and Hydrogen Sulfide. Moreover, the PRO-RING system does not rely on shims and mortar, eliminating weak points in a concrete ring system. 

Lightweight reduces injuries, worker’s comp claims, lost time, and shipping costs. PRO-RINGs do not require heavy handling equipment and can reduce the man-hours needed to install, leading to lower labor costs. In addition, they are more infiltration-proof than concrete rings and less likely to break, resulting in less waste compared to a concrete ring.

Are there additional advantages of the PRO-RING system? Absolutely, and we invite you to read about them. Or, see the advantages first-hand by requesting a free product demonstration. You’ll get to work directly with our team and the PRO-RING, while solving an I&I challenge in your area.

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Cost Savings Everywhere You Look!

They say time is money; see for yourself how the PRO-RING system dramatically reduces the time and equipment required to construct or reconstruct a single manhole adjustment. Manhole repair sites can be opened and closed in a single day or in a few hours, depending on pavement type and site conditions. Closure results in significant savings and minimizes the impact on traffic when it is necessary to close traffic lanes or streets to complete the work. The use of the PRO-RING system may result in as much as 20% to 30% overall savings when considering the expected 50 Year Design Life.

PRO-RING vs Concrete Ring Calculator

lifetime savings of up to 30%