Manhole Sealing Solutions Make An Impact In Q1 2024

The first quarter of 2024 has been a busy one! We see that as a positive step towards stopping inflow and infiltration for cities, municipalities and public works departments across the country. Here’s a few of the highlights.

Lunch & Learns

We hosted over twenty-four Lunch & Learn sessions in the first three months of the year. These sessions are informational, include a free lunch, and offer the opportunity to discuss specific inflow and infiltration challenges in depth.

These sessions also give us the opportunity to discuss all of our products with customers including our LSS Internal Chimney Seal, X-85 External Seal, PRO-RING and other products. One key piece of information that many engineers found interesting was that the ASCE says a mechanical chimney seal, like the LSS Internal Chimney Seal, will outlast an applied chimney seal by 2.5 times.

New PRO-RING Size Make An Impact

In late 2023, we re-introduced the 24 x 20 PRO-RING size, which was specifically designed for the Washington State area. In addition to meeting the manhole size needs of the area, it is also Washington State DOT approved. It’s a compelling reason for public works departments in the area to check into the PRO-RING, with the goal of stopping inflow and infiltration in their area.

PRO-RING Product Demo – Washington State

We hosted a product demo along the Northwestern Coast area of Washington State in a city with a population of over 50,000. The location we focused on had concrete rings that were destroyed by the traffic, and the manhole lid was starting to push through the frame.

Given the size of the manhole and the overall needs of the location, we introduced them to the PRO-RING. As with all of our product demos, our team worked directly with the on-site team to install the PRO-RING, which means they are properly trained on how to install the product in other locations in the future.

PRO-RING – Helpful Information

We gain a lot of insight from customers through Lunch & Learns and Product Demos, and thought we’d pass on some details that customers either shared with us, or found helpful:

  • Customers have been sharing that using PRO-RINGs on manholes located in sidewalks helps ensure the surface is ADA compliant
  • PRO-RING demand has spiked, and we’ve increased our warehouse staff to meet customer demand
  • The PRO-RING is fully produced in the Unites States, and this important detail means that the PRO-RING meets the Build America Buy America Act criteria.
  • A new PRO-RING product size is in the works! New tooling went into production for a rectangular size PRO-RING that aligns with Indiana DOT projects. Stay tuned for details!

We’re expecting a busy Q2, so keep an eye on our News page, Facebook or LinkedIn for updates and new information. And, if you’d like to see our products in action, request a demo.

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