Watertight Done Right

Reducing groundwater infiltration. Increasing waste-water treatment capacity.

Internal Joint Seal

Stop ground-water infiltration and increase water treatment capacity in underground pipes with Cretex’s Internal Pipe Joint Seals. These internal joint seals provide a compression seal that is watertight.

The Internal Joint Pipe Seal are watertight compression seals that reduce groundwater infiltration, increasing waste-water treatment capacity in underground pipes. Made of 7.5″ high quality rubber, Internal Joint Seals meet or exceed the physical requirements of ASTM C-923. The stainless steel expansion band meets or exceeds ASTM A-240, Type 304 standards. Designed for new or existing installations, excavation is not necessary for use.

Cretex has a long history of developing cost saving quality products that stand the test of time:

Cretex Internal Joint Seals Advantage

  • Provides watertightness and movement flexibility.
  • Easily installed by a two person crew.
  • Reduces excess clear water in sanitary sewer systems.
  • Easily installed mechanically to the inside of existing pipe and manholes–no primers, no torches, no special tools required.
  • Designed by the Pioneers in manhole sealing solutions.
  • Mechanical pipe seal, does not rely on chemical bond.
  • Reusable.
  • Accommodates offsets and diameter differential.
  • The best warranty in the industry.

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