A 2024 Preview: New Products, New Markets & Product Demos

We’re anticipating an eventful 2024, and have some pretty exciting news to share about we have planned!

New Product Announcements

We are always listening to customer requests and insights, and focus product development on those details. That’s why we are thrilled to share that we’re introducing a 37 x 27 round PRO-RING to our line-up of products. This new size of adjustable grade rings is an ideal fit for municipalities and cities in Eastern Iowa, Topeka/Wichita, Kansas and various cities in Wisconsin.

We also recently re-introduced a 24 x 20 PRO-RING for the Washington State area. Our teams began sharing this information in late 2023 to a number of areas in Washington State. This size is DOT approved and aligns perfectly with the specific manhole sizes in the state.

New Market Expansion

In 2023 we added San Diego, CA to our service area, and this year we are adding Hawaii! We excited to add Hawaii, and encourage you to connect with our dedicated rep in the area if you are looking to solve I&I challenges in the state:

Key Trade Shows & Events

Our team of representatives will be attending trade shows and events again this year. We find that they are a great way to interact with customers face to face, offer advice on how to solve inflow and infiltration challenges and give a brief demonstration of our products. Make plans to visit us at:

  • WWETT Show in Indianapolis
  • PWX Show in Atlanta
  • WEFTEC in New Orleans
  • Pacific Water Conference in Hawaii

Produced In The Unites States

While our products have always been fully produced in the Unites States, we wanted to share that this important detail means that our products meet the Build America Buy America Act criteria. Meeting this requirement and purchasing a quality product, backed by a solid warranty, means that your department can solve inflow and infiltration challenges, while taking advantage of this important program.

Product Demonstrations

We’ve been hosting product demonstrations for years now, and we are thrilled to bring them back for 2024. We’ve received great feedback from customers on how these demonstrations have helped them fully understand what our products can do in the fight to stop inflow and infiltration, save money over time, and even convince other internal team members of the value in our products. If you’re curious about our free product demos, we encourage you to check them out. There is no risk, and we promise to send out a great team!

If there is a way we can help with your inflow and infiltration challenges in 2024, drop us a note.

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