Solving Inflow & Infiltration Challenges In 2023

We’re heading towards the end of the 2023. A year that has been filled with interesting industry challenges, and a lot of exciting activity from the Cretex Specialty Products team. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • PRO-RING DOT Approvals – We secured DOT approval from Washington in mid-2023, putting us at approval in 25 states, and Ontario.
  • Zero Warranty Claims – For the thirteenth year in a row, we’ve received zero PRO-RING warranty claims. That’s big news for all of our current customers, and those considering the PRO-RING.
  • Dozens Of Product Demos Completed – We hosted product demos across 17 different states, including CA, FL, IA, ID, IL, ME, MO, MS, MN, NE, NC, NY, PA, TN, WI, WV – Indiana…notice Michigan too
  • Our First PRO-RING Installation Turned 14 – Our very first demo took place in Beloit, WI and this year marks its fourteenth year without one single leak.

Product Demos Across The Country

Having reps across the country means that we can host product demonstrations across the country as well. Check out a few demos that took place in 2023:

  • Illinois: This customer was faced with concrete rings that deteriorated due to road salt chemicals and an increased traffic load, plus the manhole that was in place was a larger size, which meant there were potential safety concerns, depending on the solution used. Our team demonstrated the PRO-RING, which solved their challenges and then some because of its chemical resistance, AASHTO HS-25 load requirements and variety of sizes.
  • Minnesota: A customer was experiencing cracked concrete and mortar rings due to harsh weather conditions in the area. A product that is resistant to salt, UV and other chemicals is exactly what this customer needed, which is why we demonstrated, and installed, the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system.
  • Wisconsin: A customer was experiencing a deteriorated brick chimney due to infiltration between a square catch basin and a round manhole casting. Our team installed the PRO-RING system because we offer both square and round forms, which enabled us to alleviate the infiltration caused by this not-so-unique situation.
  • Michigan: A customer was experiencing deteriorated concrete and mortar chimneys dues to salt and water corrosion. We recommended and demonstrated the PRO-RING manhole grade adjustment system because it is salt, chemical and UV resistant. Additionally, the PRO-RING is light-weight, creating a safer installation process for the team involved in fixing manholes in the area.

Here Comes 2024

While there’s no crystal ball at the office, we have a few thoughts on 2024:

  • Rehabilitating or replacing aging sewer infrastructure, and stopping inflow and infiltration will continue to be a focus for many cities and municipalities, even with a reduced labor force and potential budget constraints.
  • Our free product demonstrations will continue into 2024, offering an opportunity to stop inflow and infiltration in your community for good.
  • We anticipate additional DOT approvals to be finalized in 2024.
  • We’ll continue to be thankful for our customers! We appreciate you trusting us with your inflow and infiltration challenges.

Wishing you the best in 2024, and beyond!

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