Combatting Labor & Budget Issues With The PRO-RING

Labor and budget. That’s been the focus of many of the conversations we’ve had with public works departments, municipalities, and cities throughout the third quarter of 2023. And rightly so! But, it’s not a conversation we shy away from – in fact, we love these conversations! It’s gives us an opportunity to share how PRO-RING manhole sealing solutions were intentionally designed to save our customers money.

Sealing Manholes Leads To Cost Savings

Yes, there is the upfront cost of purchasing the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system, but that purchase ultimately leads to cost savings in the form of:

  • Waste-water treatment plant savings from reduced infiltration
  • Reduced time on the job-site because the PRO-RING system can be installed in minutes
  • Reduced injury risk because the PRO-RING is light-weight (a 6″ PRO-RING™ weighs only 14 pounds)
  • PRO-RINGs were designed to have a long life-span – they have a 100-year design life and a 25-year warranty. A long life-span removes the need to re-fix the manhole location over and over again
  • PRO-RINGs are designed to work without expensive wraps and liners

The Snow Season Is Coming

We all know that winter, and the snow, is coming. Snow removal means snow plows and road salt chemicals – two areas that can wreak havoc on a budget! But they don’t have to.

  • The PRO-RING system can be graded to match the slope of the road, which means snow plow blades will not get caught on them (i.e. less snow plow blade damage)
  • The PRO-RING system is road salt and chemical resistant, meaning they will not deteriorate due to the chemicals used to melt snow and ice

Heavy Loads And DOT Approvals

Budget and heavy loads on the roadways go hand-in-hand. If your manhole sealing solution breaks due to heavy loads, then repairs will be required. The PRO-RING system stands up to extremely heavy loads, in fact the system meets or exceeds AASHTO HS-25 load requirements.

Additionally, the PRO-RING has received DOT approval in 25 states, and Ontario. And that is just the beginning. We are actively in the process of securing DOT approval in other states and provinces.

Free Helps Ease Budget Issues

We offer free product demonstrations of our PRO-RING system. It’s a great way for departments to experience a great product and begin to reduce infiltration (i.e. save money) for free. It’s a win-win for public works departments, municipalities, and cities.

If your department is facing labor and budget issues, contact us. We supply the product and work directly with your team on the installation. It’s no risk, with the potential for a big reward!

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