Fourteen Years, And No Leaks – Thanks To The PRO-RING

We’ve been installing PRO-RING adjustable grade ring systems for fourteen years. Our first installation took place during the winter of 2009 in Beloit, WI. And, we’re pleased to share that this location has experienced zero leaks, hasn’t needed repair and has saved the city time and money for the past fourteen years!

The First PRO-RING Install Location

The first PRO-RING was installed in an area with an underground aquifer, and it had a significant leak. The leakage was estimated to be between 35 and 50 gallons per minute and had been adding a significant amount of clear water into the sanitary sewer collection system for years. This meant wasted money for the city – a lot of wasted money.

The First PRO-RING Demo!

On December 17, 2009, a local excavation contractor, city staff and Cretex Specialty Products staff arrived on site, to get to work. Once traffic control was in place, the area around the manhole was excavated to expose the manhole frame and leaking concrete grade rings. As the excavation progressed, the amount of groundwater present required that two submersible pumps be positioned to keep the water level below the top of the manhole cone (a testament to how damaged the previous concrete ring was).

Once the water level was under control, the manhole frame and cover were removed along with the existing twenty inches of concrete grade rings to expose the top of the precast manhole cone. The manhole location was off road in turf, which meant that the amount of adjustment required was the same as what was removed – twenty inches. No issue for the PRO-RING grade adjustment system!

Three, six-inch Grade Rings and a two one-inch Finish Rings were required to achieve the total adjustment. Grade Rings were installed using M-1 adhesive, and then the manhole frame and cover were positioned on top of the Finish Ring using M-1 adhesive. Once complete, the pumps were removed, and the excavation was immediately backfilled taking care to not displace the ring stack or manhole frame and cover.

The Results

Since the original installation of the PRO-RING in 2009, representatives of Cretex Specialty Products have been inspecting the site and documenting the results. From the first post installation inspection performed in 2010, to the most recent inspection completed in the Fall of 2020, the PRO-RING™ product is showing no sign of any leakage or deterioration, saving the municipality more than $504,000 ($36k/year; $100/day) in treatment costs.

No leaks and no deterioration means saved money, saved time and more focus elsewhere.

Now Is The Time – Request A Demo

It’s hard to argue with facts and hard data – the PRO-RING works and stops leaks. Now is the time, request a free product demonstration for your city or municipality. Our demos are a low-risk way to see the PRO-RING in action, ask questions, and solve a deteriorated concrete ring problem, for good. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.

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