Solving I&I In Northern Illinois

Product demonstrations have been a highlight of 2023! One of the product demonstrations that we completed this year was in a city in the Northeast area of Illinois. This city was facing a few challenges, including:

  • The concrete ring that was previously installed had deteriorated due to road salt chemicals and an increased traffic load
  • The manhole was sunken into the street
  • The old Illinois Bell Telecommunications manhole that was in place was a larger size, which meant there were potential safety concerns, depending on the solution used

Given the nature of the location, the typical winter weather in Illinois and importance of safety, our team recommended the PRO-RING adjustable grade ring system. The system met all of the needs for this customer:

  • The PRO-RING is chemical resistant, which means it does not deteriorate due to road salt chemicals
  • The PRO-RING meets AASHTO HS-25 load requirements, which means the increased traffic load would not be an issue
  • The PRO-RING is approximately 1/20th the weight of concrete grade rings, which means there are no safety concerns, even with the larger size manhole that was in place

Additionally, the PRO-RING comes in a variety of sizes. In this case we installed the largest size, 46” x 36”, which fit perfectly. Due to the sunken nature of the location, we used a combination of grade, finish and angle rings to meet the slope of the road, which offered a precise installation. The crew we worked with on-site was amazed at the process, the ease of installation and how light-weight the PRO-RINGs are, and they are thrilled that this location, which had been causing them a lot of issues, was now fixed – for good.

If you have a similar situation in your area, contact us for a free product demonstration. We can help solve your challenging I&I issue as well!

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