Three States, Three I&I Issues Solved

Our free product demonstration program has been going on for a number of years, and is a great way for us to show departments a better, safer, long-term way to stop inflow and infiltration in their area. Check out these three situations and how we solved them:

West Virginia: After years of using concrete rings that were too heavy, and not watertight, this West Virginia department agreed to a free product demonstration of the PRO-RING. During the demo we showed the customer how light the PRO-RING was (significantly lighter than concrete rings) and how the product was watertight and stopped their I&I issues.

Wisconsin: A department in Wisconsin was facing deteriorated and sunken concrete and mortar chimneys due to road salt and infiltration from the freeze/thaw cycles that regularly happen in the Midwestern states. Knowing the issues, and the climate, we introduced the PRO-RING which is durable and resistant to salt and chemicals. Additionally, the PRO-RING offered the customer the ability to adjust the angle to the roadway surface, which means snowplows will pass over the manhole without impacting the frame.

Illinois: Salt and water corrosion caused deterioration with the brick and mortar chimney, leading to infiltration and the potential for collapse and further damage. Additionally, the location was frequently used for large truck deliveries, and needed to withstand heavy loads. The PRO-RING system was suggested and demonstrated for the department because they are salt, chemical and UV resistant, and also because they have a remarkable strength to weight ratio and can stand up to heavy loads.

If there’s an I&I issue in your area that you’d like to solve, contact us. We’ll have a conversation and make plans to come out on-site and help solve the issue while simultaneously demonstrating our manhole sealing solutions. Also, don’t for to ask about a demo to solve your I&I Issues

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