The Top Five Money Saving Inflow & Infiltration Tips.

Many public works departments and municipalities are facing smaller budgets, a smaller staff, or both. This added challenge can make stopping inflow and infiltration seem more difficult than it needs to be. Our business is designed to help organizations stop inflow and infiltration for good, and we have some helpful ideas to combat a reduced staff/smaller budget situation. Below are the The Top Five Money Saving Inflow & Infiltration Tips:

  1. Look For Products That Are Easy To Install. Easy to install products remove a burden for those with a smaller staff. Rather than spending an extensive amount of time on installation, a team can be nimble and complete an installation quickly, and move on to the next project.
  2. Invest In Products That Stop I&I For Good. While investing in a product that may be slightly higher in cost may seem counter-intuitive when a department has a smaller budget, this simple tip will save the organization money almost instantly as well as long-term. A product that stops I&I, means that the location will not need repairs and will stop excess water from entering the wastewater treatment plant (a near instant money savings). Additionally, this reduction in repairs, means a long-term cost saving and less projects for your staff.
  3. Seek Out Customizable Products. Manholes that need repair are not always in flat, easy to access areas. Many are on slopes or in inconvenient locations. These situations require products to be adjustable and flexible – in other words, they need to meet your needs. Look for manhole rings that can be customized to meet your needs, or that come in a variety of sizes and forms. Or, looks for seals that can stretch and be re-used. This customization will reduce installation time and reduce the burden on your staff.
  4. Look For Products That Can Withstand The Weather In Your Area. Extreme heat, extreme cold and road salt chemicals can all impact certain types of manhole sealing solutions. Do your research and find products that are rated for extreme heat and extreme cold, and those that are chemical resistant. If products are meant to work in your area, then your team will not have to replace them in the future.
  5. Replace Damaged Rings Now. Again, this may seem counter-intuitive if your budget has been reduced, but the longer a damaged ring is in the field, the worse the situation will get. Fix the problem now, reduce the water entering the water treatment plant and ultimately save money by replacing the damaged rings.

Our business is designed to help organizations stop inflow and infiltration, and we offer a number of solutions. We encourage you to contact us for more information, or request a free product demo to get hands-on experience with our products. Thanks for reading about the top five money saving Inflow and infiltration tips from the pros.

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